What we do

Small business essentials

For many small businesses the time and effort required in the collection of debts can be crippling both mentally and physically and we at Legal & Commercial Recoveries know that we can be of assistance.

Nothing festers more than something unresolved. Outstanding debts have the ability to pull you down and the emotional cost can start to influence your ability to move forward.

Developing systems to enable small businesses to ‘touch things only once’ wherever possible is a key to streamlining your business; however it is not always possible with debt recovery.

Benefits for your business

By using Legal & Commercial there are many benefits to your business.

  • Improves your cash flow – receive the money you are owed quickly.
  • Focus on core functions – relieves time and energy to run your business
  • Protect your business brand – out account specialists recognise the importance of protecting your brand and reputation through the debt collection process.
  • Risk free collection – working on a no collection – no fee basis you are not put under any financial risk.
  • Online debt lodgement – collection is commenced within 24 hours of receiving information.

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