Who we are:

Legal & Commercial Recoveries is a National debt collection company, dedicated to recovering your outstanding debts specialising in small business.

Established in 1995 and located in Victoria, Legal and Commercial will recover any debts owed to you regardless of the size.

We believe you are entitled to be paid for the work you do. We also believe that most people genuinely intend to pay you but sometimes they find themselves in a financial mess. If they haven’t been paid, they can’t pay you and you can’t pay your invoices, ‘the domino effect’, it only takes one to start the chain reaction.

Legal & Commercial prides itself on being large enough to ensure your needs are met but small enough to ensure all clients and debtors are provided with professional and empathetic service; negotiating with each client on a one to one basis and doing our upmost to maintain an excellent relationship between you and your debtors.

To ensure business growth, it is essential that legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and ethical standards are met. The reputation and protection of your business brand is demanded through a strong culture of compliance.

If you would like more information or wish to discuss a particular debt with us, call on 03 9752 6206. You have nothing to lose except your bad debts.

A.B.N. 36 090 451 380